�”Eye of the Planet” – a unique Russian telescope�”Azimuth”

Российский телескоп �”Azimuth” был построен еще в
sixties of the last century. Almost a quarter of a century he’s
was considered the largest and most powerful in the world, so it still remains.
now – the truth is now only in Europe.

It is located at an altitude of 2070 meters above sea level at the very
the foot of the mountain “Shepherd”, which is located in the Karachay-Cherkessia
Republic This place was chosen at that distant time very long and
carefully – seventeen expeditions were required to find
unique point for the future telescope because the criteria
the choices were the following: the desired height, minimal precipitation,
maximum sunny days.

It still amazes scientists of the world, from those who are connected with the cosmos,
unique manufacturing technology of all components of this
telescope – incredible accuracy that has not been surpassed until now
not a single country. Plus – innovative for that time.
the possibility of rotation of its axis and azimuth. Diameter reflecting
The azimuth mirror is 6 meters, and the focus of the distance is
24 meters, the height of the telescope with a seventeen-storey house, its weight
approaching thousands of tons. But the main thing is different: he provided
the twelfth class of accuracy and could even look at that far time
by 28 magnitude, that is, was able to see what was said
the staff of this observatory themselves, the edge of the universe for billions
light years. In addition, it was first used by a computer,
which at the time occupied the whole room. Not by chance this
The Russian telescope was called the “eye of the planet”, and today it is
considered the same eye, even if only European.

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