Facebook users are at riskcancer

This writes the scientific journal Journal of Social Psychology,
publishing research group led by Eric Vanman
(Eric Wanman). The researchers came to a terrific conclusion: even
5-day waiver of using social network Facebook
allows you to dramatically reduce blood levels of cortisol – the strongest
stress hormone that provokes the development and progression
such a terrible disease of our age, like cancer.

We will not go into a detailed description of what cortisol
(hydrocortisone), detailed information about this hormone is possible without
labor found on the Internet or get acquainted with free
Digest of the aforementioned journal article on the resource Psypost.org.
Suffice it to say that Eric Vanman was an active user.
Facebook for 10 years. But once he and his colleagues
the work accidentally noticed that falling out of this social network on this or
other reasons for a few days leads to the fact that a person
begins to feel much better.

This led scientists to study this interesting
phenomena. They conducted an experiment, inviting to participate in it.
volunteers – active Facebook users. Dividing the subjects
in two groups, scientists asked one of them not to use 5 days
favorite social network, while not leaving the Internet and all
all his zamanuh. The second group of volunteers did not change anything in
their preferences, including in the addiction to Facebook.

Billions sit on Facebook and other social networks today

To the great amazement of the researchers, since it borders on
scientific discovery, even such a short-term rejection of Facebook
led to the fact that participants in the experiment felt that they had
satisfaction with life appeared, mood improved, the feeling disappeared
loneliness, there have been other positive developments in

But the shock for scientists was quite different: for 5 days for those who
refused to Facebook, sharply dropped cortisol levels in the blood, while
time as members of another group who continued to sit in
social network, showed the former, rather high level
this insidious stress hormone.

Eric Vanman and his academic team (Stephanie Tobin and Rosemary
Baker) warn readers that their discovery, in spite of his
fantastic results, can not yet be considered strictly scientific. For
obtaining a complete and exceptionally reliable picture of the influence
Facebook on the human body, you need to spend longer and
large-scale studies with in-depth biochemical analyzes. More
Moreover, it should be included in such an experiment, for example,
Twitter and other top social networks on the Internet.

However, in general, even superficial observation of oneself and
conducting a small experiment, says Eric Vanman,
show that social networks have a negative effect on the body
man, undermining his health and provoking the development of cancer. Can,
for this reason, there has recently been such a sharp world
cancer growth and literally terrifying rates
mortality from this disease. Indeed, in popular social networks
сегодня «сидят» миллиарды people…

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