Faded tattoos, it turns out, remainbright under the outer layer of skin

Foreign sites circled two submitted photos.
It is reported that a man with colored tattoos in his arms was burned during
cooking time.

When the skin at the site of burns peeled off and started safely
heal, our hero was surprised to find that his faded
The tattoos stayed inside as bright as after application!
Many netizens did not believe in the veracity of these cadres,
believing that we face the result of skillful installation.

However, experts soon joined the discussion.
who, to everyone’s surprise, declared that no mystification
there is no. It turns out that while applying the tattoo ink
not only the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) is saturated, but also in the first
turn derma (connective tissue part of the skin under

The epidermis has the ability to gradually update, and in addition,
constantly exposed to external factors. By this
The reason for this is that any cutaneous pattern eventually becomes dull and
fuzzy. Derma also keeps ink where it is safer, and in case of injury
a large area of ​​the outer layer of skin beneath it in tattooed
the person is often exposed a bright tattoo, as if just
performed by induction machine.

Needless to say, you should under no circumstances
self-harming in order to “refresh” their tattoos. Healing
parts of the epidermis are a very painful and unpleasant process, and besides
In addition, a person becomes vulnerable to dangerous infections.
Finally, when your skin heals, along with it will disappear from sight and
bright pattern under it.

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