Fallen from the sky, the dog maimedChinese woman

A bizarre and simultaneously frightening incident happened recently in
Chinese city of Guangzhou (Guangdong province). Unknown woman
calmly walked down the street, when they suddenly fell on top of her …
live dog.

The blow seemed to be much more painful for a Chinese woman than
it may seem at first glance because she lost consciousness
and fell on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, it is not clear where the animal came from
safely escaped. The incident was sealed outside
surveillance camera.

The woman on whom the dog collapsed fell into intensive care with
neck fracture. Journalists report that the victim is in
Southern Medical University, and doctors had to connect it to
life support apparatus. The patient’s condition
rated as heavy.

Local law enforcement is currently engaged
incident investigation. According to the police, someone could
throw the dog out of the window of the building under which it passed
injured. If they really find such a person,
undoubtedly incriminate the causing of serious harm to health
recklessness and cruelty to animals.

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