�“False” anxiety in Hawaii, or what to itcause have aliens

The United States of America has had a fever for almost a week because
that on January 13 there was a nuclear attack alert on
Hawaii. A little later, the alarm was called false, made by mistake
(human factor), and the American media suddenly everything is as
the team stopped to cover this news, which gave rise to a lot
questions from conspiracy therapists and thinking people in general.

First, experts say (the military, well versed in
this question) false alarm by mistake can not be declared in principle,
it’s like launching nuclear warheads by mistake. AT
the alert system of any state, including on
Hawaii, there are five fault tolerant procedures, the last of
which is launched by two military men sitting apart for two
meter It turns out that the alarm was real.

ATо-вторых, ракеты, летящие на Гавайи (их было 6 штук), были
shot down – and this has a lot of evidence, ranging from interception
radio communications of the US military about this prior to observation
tourists as it happened with at least one rocket
(Watch the video with the story about it below).

Logically it seems the conclusion that the anti-aircraft did
US defense, but here the conspiracy therapists and ufologists doubt,
since at this moment in the sky over the Hawaiian Islands are seen
UFOs (see photo below), and presumably they destroyed
all rockets. And it was done quickly, accurately and without any
complications, which were expected, apparently, by those who run these
ballistic missiles.

There remains one more main question: who organized the attack on
USA? If North Korea, then she would immediately have received a counterstrike,
and the missiles were fired, as it became known, from a submarine.
Moreover, according to the American journalist Dr Dave Janda
(video with his explanations just below), there is a leak of information that
missile attack on Hawaii – the work of a group of dignitaries
China, which stand in opposition to the current government of China.
The goal is to provoke America’s retaliation against the Celestial and so
way to unleash the Third World War, and thermonuclear war. AND
this was done, of course, not without the guidance of the world
governments – the Illuminati, who have long been preparing for
humanity such a world massacre.

ATсе это, кроме самого ракетного удара по Гавайям, вызывает
all sorts of raznolka, with all versions, including about
aliens – based only on assumptions and speculation. but
one thing is clear – if the Depth Government went on such a decisive
step, then you need to expect new missile attacks – and for the most painful
points of our planet: so that, as they say, for sure.

One hope is for aliens …

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