Family couple twice photographed garageghost

Leading famous American Internet radio program “Midnight
in the desert “dedicated to supernatural phenomena, got
a letter from a couple of his listeners. Spouses Terry and Jessica
They wrote to specialists that they have been living in their family garage for a long time.
самый настоящий ghost. Leading probably would not have paid this
the message of no attention (who knows what it looks like) if
Two phantom images were not attached to it.

Terry and Jessica tell what they are doing now.
Restoration of a classic car. Recently, a couple decided
take a picture of the car in the garage, and that’s exactly at that moment on
The picture got something very strange. Translucent
the humanoid figure, as if outlined by a whitish contour,
materialized right in the dim light of the room. Image authors
note that none of the cars was turned on during shooting
engine, so we can not talk about the exhaust gases.

The second image sent to the experts demonstrates all that
same garage, however outside. On its gate is visible the shadow of the crown.
tree, developing in distinct outlines of a human face.
Even if this is one of the paradolic illusions that people love so much
talking to skeptics, then, it should be noted that she is quite impressive and
unusual. The supposed person from the other world even fine
visible lip groove, as well as dimples under the lower lip and on
the chin.

And if the first picture was taken by our heroes literally on
days, then the second – more than a decade ago. Americans live in it
home a long time ago, and during that time they have repeatedly come across their
mysterious ghost, moreover – even managed to get used to
phantom who has the ability to scatter tools around the garage
and turn out of the lamp fixtures. However take a picture of it
managed for the first time, except for the mysterious snapshot of ten

Terry and Jessica clarify that the dwelling once belonged
a lonely elderly man who passed away in this very garage
from a heart attack. Most likely, it belongs to him
mysterious restless spirit caught in the photo. Spouses also
They assured the staff of the “Midnight in the Wilderness” radio program that they
will try to keep them up to date with mystical garage events if
they will be able to back them up with photos and videos …

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