Family randomly photographed funchristmas ghost

A family from Delaware County in Pennsylvania claims that she
accidentally managed to take a picture of the rest time
coming from the next world. Fortunately, the uninvited ghost turned
not terrible and ominous, but on the contrary, very cute and
fun Americans believe that it was a benevolent phantom,
materialized in our world in the run-up to catholic
Christmas This is reported by journalists of the local television channel “FOX
29 “.

Trisha Endres told the media that last week
she went with her husband and children for a walk in the evening. In the town
Springfield, where the Endreses live, was a major snowfall, and
The snowdrifts on the street were quite impressive. Our heroes played in
snowballs, blinding snowmen, made “snow angels” and much
another. Trisha’s husband several times captured his family on camera.
Just yesterday, the mother of the family looked at these pictures on
computer and suddenly noticed on one of them a mysterious detail.
In the upper right corner of the frame was a translucent silhouette,
strikingly like a smiling face. Trisha was so
impressed by this discovery that immediately woke her chosen one with
aim to show him this wonderful and sweet ghost.

Employees of “FOX 29” were not too lazy and sent mysterious
image of some paranormal American researchers
phenomena. Founder of the Philadelphia community “Olde City
Paranormal “John Levy studied the picture and was eventually forced
recognize that we are probably talking about the reflection of light in the lens
camera. But authoritative medium Valerie Harmsen from
Indianapolis said it’s still supernatural, but
not necessarily a ghost. According to the specialist, the photo could
involuntarily lock in a healthy and positive energy
one of the family members.

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