Famous actor Chris Pratt posted a video fromsupernatural phenomenon

Hollywood film actor Chris Pratt, known for his roles in such
blockbusters like “Passengers”, “Jurassic World” and “Guardians
Galaxy, “says a few days ago, perhaps
столкнулся со supernatural phenomenon.

38-year-old star slept in a hotel in New York, and there
American puzzled chandelier, which spontaneously swayed under
ceiling. Needless to say that no earthquakes or explosions
in the city that evening did not occur. Pratt captured
the alleged paranormal on the video and laid out the resulting video
in Instagram, making the following signature to it:

It seems to me that I stayed in a room inhabited by evil spirits. Highly
cool and even a little scary. Either this chandelier is really moving.
by itself, or I have hallucinations. Help me figure it out.
Fortunately, there is a video that can serve as confirmation
that this is not glitches in my head.

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