Famous astrologer talked about difficultthe upcoming 2018 year

Famous astrologer Pavel Globa believes that the upcoming 2018
will be generally very difficult for the whole world. Even enough
to mention the global economic crisis that will continue because
as the stars say, its recession is evident only by 2020.

Aggravation of the economic, and after him, and political
crisis, will lead to the fact that the alignment of forces in the world will begin
change – and the upcoming 2018 year will be very
indicative. The boundaries and spheres of the geopolitical will begin to change.
influences of today’s world powers that ultimately lead
to the fact that the United States, for example, lose their status undisputed
world leader. This country is generally waiting for very difficult times
Pavel Globa writes, and the blows to her will crumble with all
parties, even from where no one expects …

The coming year will also demonstrate the beginning of the collapse of the European Union,
which, if it remains, is only a formal organization on
paper. Most likely, two other real ones will appear instead.
unions – South European and North European unions. but
any leading role in the political or economic life of the world
they will not play anymore.

On the world stage as a leader, ultimately, will be released
The Eurasian Union, whose main players will be Russia, China and
India. Gradually, it will include new territories, for example,
Transnistria, Gagauzia, New Russia, which will strengthen in the first place

But this, said the famous astrologer, is still a perspective.
world development, and the year 2018 itself will be difficult, it will be marked
the aggravation of the economic and political crisis, which is why
In many countries, popular unrest will become common
strengthen the migration of people to more stable states.

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