Famous Gray Lady photographed on�”Curve” Irish alley

For the first time in history, according to British researchers
supernatural phenomena in Northern Ireland captured the ghost
Mythical Gray Lady. And it happened not anyhow where, but on the famous
Dark Hedges Alley in County Antrim. This place is famous for its
twisted beeches growing on the sides of a straight road and
forming a kind of tunnel above it from the branches. It is not by chance that
It was here that filmed one of the scenes for the most popular television series
�”Game of Thrones”.

The legend of the Gray Lady dwelling in Antrim has its origins
from the 18th century. Some say that it was a noble lady who had finished
with you because of unrequited love. According to others, it is about
in the spirit of a poor girl who was cruelly treated by a local count. So
or else, numerous eyewitnesses claim that the ghostly
a woman’s figure often materializes here during sunset and
hovering over the road, smoothly crossing from one tree to another.

Photographer Gordon Watson from the town of Ballikasla visited recently
Dark Hedges in the evening and photographed several times
glorious alley. The man did not notice anything while shooting
unusual, however, looking at the pictures taken the next day,
was shocked to the core. On one of his frames clearly
imprinted gray smoky figure hovering above the road and having
vague human outlines. Has it really been a spirit
Gray Lady?

London ghost hunter and specialist in the field
photomontage Kevin McAuley carefully examined a snapshot of his
compatriot and concluded that the image is
authentic, untreated in modern
photo editing programs. In addition, the expert concluded that the speech
can’t go about cigarette smoke, a shred of mist or dirt on
the lens. Whatever the object captured by Watson, he was
quite real and, most interesting, inaccessible to human

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