Famous psychics about the possibility of a change of powerin Russia

On the eve of the new 2018, well-known psychics of Russia have already
begin to make predictions for this near future, especially since
for our country, it will be a landmark – the year of choosing a new
President of the Russian Federation.

It is also noteworthy that less than half a year is left before the elections,
since, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, they should take place already 11
March (first round). That is why the main clairvoyant prognosis concerns
today it is precisely this pain point for Russia – who will be her
the next president?

We offer you an opinion on this matter the most powerful Russian
sorcerers, winners of the TV show “Battle of Psychics” – Julia Wang and
Swami Dashi.

As it was to be expected (radically different forecasts,
probably would seem suspicious), both psychic (about
collusion in this case is out of the question) warn that
there is a risk of violent change of government. Especially this
emphasizes the sorcerer Dasha, the sorceress Wang in this case says more

There is a riot against the current government, but no
I do not see any serious consequences
there simply will not be a coup.

With this, in general, Swami Dashi agrees, stressing that
elections will not bring any major changes in leadership
countries, and therefore, if there are some negative incidents,
they are so-so, small ripples in the water …

In economic terms, Julia Wang promises in 2018 Russia
the absence of any serious upheavals, rather the opposite, all
will begin to build and stabilize. The country is almost
now it feels, next year the process will go just lively and
on a large scale. Swami Dashi limited himself to this
that he does not see any negative phenomena here either.

Finally, journalists simply could not help asking psychics about
the main thing that worries the Russians is no less than the presidential election (and
not only them) – will there be a third world war? Julia Wang says
that such a tragedy can be avoided, with Swami Dashi unequivocal
The answer to this question yet.

The world is likely to avoid a world massacre, he says,
however, you need to be prepared for no less serious

Perhaps the sorcerer sees upcoming global natural
cataclysms in the world, but so far do not want to scare people, or sharpen
on this their attention, especially since Holy Russia, as everyone said
great prophets will come out of all these upheavals with honor …

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