Famous scientist accused of fakearcheology

Famous European archaeologist James Mellart, who discovered on
territories of modern Turkey ancient neolithic settlements
Hadjilar and Chatal-Hüyuk, which are more than nine thousand years old, after their
death convicted of faking many of his discoveries.

The most striking thing is that before his death (he died in 2012
at the age of 86) Mellart himself turned to his colleagues –
historians and archaeologists – parse and publish documents from
your archive. Among those involved in this business was the president.
Eberhard Zangger Foundation of Louvian Studies.

Studying the so-called “prototypes” of rock paintings and frescoes,
which Mellart showed in his scientific work as real
existing, Zangger concluded that it was a fake. That’s what he
Announced Live Science:

Millart applied the same for half a century
approach, that is, painstakingly studied all the information about the territory,
which interested, and then used the knowledge to
creating a coherent historical picture. There is nothing in this method.
reprehensible, it is used by many archaeologists and historians. But
true scientists then seek evidence that refutes them
guesses or, conversely, confirm. Mellart also faked the drawings
artifacts he needed, he himself created translations supposedly real
existing wall inscriptions – and all this in order to
back up your theories. How many of the “finds” Mellart fake, and
how many are authentic, it is very difficult to establish since it created
a mixture of already published facts, unpublished data and
own imagination. Unravel it all is difficult – almost
is impossible.

Note that James Mellart was an adventurer in general.
It is enough to cite the following fact from his biography: in 1964 the authorities
Turkey was suspected of assisting smugglers from
countries archaeological finds and valuables. After that participate
in the excavations in Turkey, Mellart was simply banned …

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