Famous scientist recommends humanityleave the Earth

71-year-old American theoretical physicist and popularizer of science
Japanese-born Michio Kaku spoke at a press conference
dedicated to his new book, The Future of Humanity. Author
popular science bestsellers who are called “experts in fact
what has not happened yet “, admitted that he is looking at the fate of human
civilizations without much enthusiasm. According to the researcher, that or
another death definitely awaits us in the future.

The scientist reports that 99.9% of all species have ever
evolved on Earth, extinct, and being on our
�Man’s “blue ball” is only a tiny bit in
hourglass if you look at the thousands of species that lived here
before We are threatened by solar flares, meteorites, change
climate, the eruption of Yellowstone Supervolcano and other
cataclysms, epidemics, aggression of advanced artificial intelligence
and finally, nuclear war. In short, Michio Kaku is sure that
our race cannot live on Earth forever. Theoretical physicist

The great story of life on Earth shows that
organisms faced with adverse conditions, there are three
options for action: leave the hostile environment, adapt to it
or die. However, it is possible with high accuracy
predict that someday humanity will certainly be
in the face of such a big disaster that adapt to her
the consequences will be physically impossible. Then our descendants
will have to either die or leave this environment. In this way,
the only chance of escape for them will be the colonization of others
planets A man will have nowhere else to go. Unfortunately,
the powers that be do not rush to prevent the looming
a cataclysm, nor save humanity beyond the Earth.

Michio Kaku suggests that people will have to colonize the moon,
Mars or other celestial bodies of the solar system. Another option
will be a journey through the so-called “wormholes”, which
will allow earthlings to circumvent the laws of space-time and literally
teleport to distant exoplanets suitable for life.
The American even believes that the discoverers of the future will be able to
theories move into other dimensions that are not at all like ours.

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