Famous singer Robbie Williams spoke again aboutUFO encounters

According to statistics from American ufologists, at least a quarter
all earthlings faced in their lives in unidentified flying
objects or even aliens.

If you think about it, this is a very impressive figure. It appears quite
natural question: how many among these “lucky ones”
celebrities whose words could have a significant impact on
public opinion? Today, when UFO skepticism is rapidly
coming to naught, more and more famous personalities declare their
meetings with guests from the depths of space, and their stories can not

One of the first world stars to make
recognition, became the singer Robbie Williams. A decade ago he
reported that he saw with his own eyes the “flying saucers” of the newcomers. On
days, journalists interviewed a 44-year-old Briton asked
whether he still adheres to these words, and the popular
singer of songs, favorite of the public responded positively, willingly
telling the paparazzi about his amazing experience of touching
the unknown. According to Williams, he repeatedly encountered UFOs.
both in the United Kingdom and across the Atlantic
the ocean.

Singer says these meetings were incredibly intriguing and
bright. So, one of them lasted almost an hour, and an unidentified
the object of alien origin was in the immediate
proximity to our hero. Briton told reporters:

I have seen very strange phenomena that I cannot explain.
rationally. One of the UFOs was right above me, about
a distance of 45 meters, and in my hands at that time was a tennis
ball. If desired, I could run them right into this thing. I was
absolutely sober, for the persuasiveness of my words I will say that not
used before this neither drugs nor alcohol. True, after
of this, I even decided to pass tests (just in case), and the composition of my
blood seemed suspicious to doctors, and they even found it in my brain
something strange, like radiation. I was immediately sent to the office
intensive therapy, then I recovered from what happened for two months
at his home in los angeles. In short, it is not safe
– a meeting with a UFO, and I strongly recommend others to stay away from
�”Flying saucers” away.

Some believe that the former member of the pop group “Take That”
makes up these stories to attract the attention of the press.
Others are confident that Williams was actually in contact with
representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, while he is very at risk
their reputation, making such statements. But there are such (with them
we started this note) who are one hundred percent sure that Robbie
Williams is telling the truth because they themselves have come across something
like that.

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