Famous ufologist: religions appeared afterhow humanity collided with aliens

Famous Greek-Swiss ufologist, historian and journalist Giorgio
Tsukalos made a resounding statement concerning world religions and
reasons for their occurrence.

Speaking at an international conference dedicated to UFOs and
extraterrestrial civilizations, a 40-year-old researcher reported that in
antiquities Earth was visited by aliens, which our ancestors took
for higher divine beings. No wonder many icons and
religious murals depict mysterious objects resembling
�”Flying saucers” and humanoids in space suits. Yes, and the halos themselves
heads of celestial beings are very reminiscent of the helmets of astronauts, maybe
only more perfect.

Giorgio cannot explain why aliens flew
on our planet, however, the ufologist is convinced that soon they will all be at once
left the Earth. It was then on our “blue ball” and there were
cults that eventually became popular religions and
which became the basis for understanding man of God. High tech
people from another world were perceived by people as a demonstration
magical abilities. According to the expert, if “green
little people “did not visit the Earth in antiquity, we would certainly today
lived in an atheistic society. Or would we not have …

Tsukalos also claims that modern scientists deliberately
ignore much evidence of extraterrestrial interference
civilizations in the course of human history. Orthodox from science
ignore and reject various ancient artifacts that are not
tens or even hundreds of thousands of years ago could be created
by man. Various majestic architectural structures like
Egyptian pyramids (not to mention the lesser known, but more
the ancient pyramids of Bosnia), according to the ufologist, were also
erected by more perfect creatures than we are, and scientists are wonderful
they are aware of this, however, they refuse to recognize this fact.

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