Famous ufologist says: people chippingaliens are in full swing

Conspiracy theory that aliens chip people
not new True, so far none of her supporters could
give a clear answer, how and for what purpose it is done.
However, everything that concerns aliens is a big secret for us,
and the secret is not only from their side, but even from the earthly
governments – of almost all countries.

Famous ufologist Tyler Glockner telling a lot of things
interesting about aliens on the YouTube channel Secureteam10,
believes that lately people are chipping
large scale, that is, is in full swing. To this conclusion
the expert came based on the confessions of many people who suddenly
began to notice on their bodies strange small scars that appeared
as if from nowhere.

Surprisingly, Glockner writes, but people do not remember how they are implanted
these chips. Most of these “tagged” do not even pay
Focus on these minor metamorphosis with your body. Other
even though they notice the scars, they refer to anything, trying to
rationally explain – and then forget. Finally, third, even
realizing that they have a chip implanted in, they try not to tell anyone about it
(especially, ask for help, say, to doctors, to make
X-ray – God forbid), believing that it is so calmer. However, in this
have their rational grain …

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