Famous ufologists were up in arms against NASA

Recently, famous ufologists, for example, George Graham,
Scott Waring and some others seemed to be up in arms against NASA,
least exposing hoaxes from
the american aerospace agency follow one by
to others.

For example, the same Taiwanese researcher Waring yesterday,
it seems to have found a UFO that monitored the work of the ISS, and today it
already proves that this station is on Earth, and all
space exploration demonstrations that NASA is showing to the world
with the ISS, nothing more than theatrical performances. Famous ufologist
even wants to sue the leadership of the US space agency,
Considering that in this way it is possible to prove that NASA is constantly something
hides and lies shamelessly.

Famous ufologists for some reason have again exposed the lunar
mission of the americans. Scott Waring at the end of last month
criticized the video footage of the Apollo 16 mission, arguing that
video, where the rover supposedly rolls on the surface of the moon,
from under his tires flies and falls dirt like during normal earthly
gravity. And in early December, George Graham, leading to
hosting YouTube channel Streetcap1, shows a video on which
criticized the Apollo 17 moon mission (see the video below).

Pay attention to the astronaut who during the alleged
being on the moon walks over its surface with a huge backpack, in
heavy suit, stumbles on both legs (almost falls),
but … does not fall completely, as if something was holding him
(obviously, a device that allows him to walk unnaturally and
even jump, imitating low gravity on the moon). All violated
the laws of physics – it should be clear even to the student. Besides,
small flashes just above and to the right of
astronaut who is difficult to explain.

By the way, a little earlier, George Graham discovered on one of
photos from the same Apollo 17 moon mission on an astronaut’s helmet
a reflection of an employee of Hollywood (in regular sportswear and without
spacesuit, of course).

Recall that film director Stanley Kubrick at one time admitted
that all the American moon missions he personally shot in the pavilions
Hollywood. After such scandalous recognition of NASA,
agreed with this (they say
really something was shot at the Hollywood venues). However, when
no one thought to separate the wheat from the chaff, and therefore all
fewer people on Earth believe that Americans flew to the moon. And if
The United States is capable of such an impudent lie, then why not allow
Are all their subsequent (today’s) projects a sheer fraud? It’s even
is easily explained from an economic point of view – on space
projects are allocated huge sums from the state budget of the country, and where
they go, no one knows. But taxpayers easily hangs
noodles on the ears of the great US space mission. That is what they think
many conspiracy and ufologists …

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