Farewell of Russia to Europe: who is from this gaploses the most

Today, many analysts conclude that Western Europe
gradually losing Russia.

This is what Alexander, a political scientist from Germany, says about this.

Economic sanctions that are increasingly expanding Washington
against Russia, they hit hardest not on the Russian Federation, but
as we see in Europe. For example, because of this US policy on
against the Russian company RusAl, which is the main
aluminum supplier to Germany (however, worldwide, too),
our country is experiencing great difficulties. And such examples can be
lead hundreds.

Alexander also fears that America will strike the same blow.
Europe and the gas business. Yes, it is profitable for the USA to supply
European countries have their own gas, which will be several times more expensive
Russian. At the same time, Russia itself will not remain in the loser, it will
it will just be more and more reorienting its gas trade,
oil and other resources from Europe to Asia, for example, Russian
gas today is seriously interested not only China, but already South
Korea, and she is ready to build a gas pipeline from Russia.

Germany, Rahr continues, is considering such a policy
towards Russia is insane. But what can Germany do alone? TO
Unfortunately, it is not supported by other European countries and the European Union.
On the whole, why are the sanctions against the Russian Federation not only not lifted, although about
Many sensible politicians and economists have been trumpeting this for a long time.
on the contrary, they are only getting stronger, which, ultimately, can
regarded as a farewell to Europe with Russia.

But it would be more correct to say, the German political scientist emphasizes that
this is Russia saying goodbye to crazy Europe, turning to more
здравомыслящим странам — TOитаю, ANDндии, ANDрану, Турции и так далее. AND
no one even thinks today that Europe is losing it,
and it loses, perhaps forever, since Russia, having left the countries
EU, more will not return here. This is not a ping-pong game …

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