Father captures a mysterious glow neardaughter’s cradle

31-year-old Englishman Stephen Armstrong says that
a few nights ago I glanced at the monitor of the baby monitor and suddenly
I saw there something mysterious, even frightening. In the camera lens,
installed in the room of his 13-month-old daughter Ella, horrible
incomprehensible glow.

It looked like a blurred human silhouette that seemed
peered into the frame, then made a strange gesture like a roll and
disappeared from the field of view of the recorder. Turning on
The video below shows you the expected
anomaly with my own eyes.

Of course, Armstrong immediately thought that it was some kind of
devilry. The man rushed into the nursery with lightning speed, however
found there only his daughter, sleeping peacefully in the cradle. Stephen
showed the resulting video to his wife, and she agreed with the fears
husband about the anomaly.

According to the couple, this is not the first mysterious event,
occurred at their home in Blythe, county of Northumberland. So,
a few months ago, the couple found an old daughter in the room
a doll that you have never seen before, including one that did not recognize her
and Ella herself. Armstrongs quickly got rid of so unexpected and
undesired finds.

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