Fear night calls at the door

This story happened to a resident of the city of Buguruslan.
Orenburg region Anastasia Alexandrovna Larina about five
years ago. It all started with the fact that the neighbor Anastasia became
disturb the night calls at the door that rang out between 2 and
3 hours.

Called persistently and demanding. It was surprising that none of
family members did not hear these calls, and everybody was scared
just got up and went into the hallway. To her question: “Who is there?” –
silence consistently answered.

Since there was no door eye, the hostess, transfixed,
listened: what if suddenly steps or rustle will be heard outside? but
everything went according to the scenario: calls again, again no one responds, and for
the door is still silence. Not daring to open the door, woman
went back to bed. This happened once a week and continued.
until Nastya’s neighbor stopped finally coming to
the doors.

Anastasia learned about all this from her. And that’s when the night
guest lost interest in the neighbor, he switched to Anastasia.

… At that time, the girl suffered from insomnia, she could
a few hours to lie in a dark room, listening to how close tick
clock, measuring out slowly creeping time. And only when outside
it began to get light, a long-awaited dream came to Anastasia …

It was the beginning of February, there was a moonless, deaf night. Outside the window
snow was falling. It so happened that Nastya remained alone in the apartment: her
parents left for a visit and failed to return home because
due to bad weather, bus routes were canceled. The girl went to bed about
one o’clock in the morning, but even at that later time she could not sleep at all.
Anastasia turned, wrapped in a blanket, covered her head
pillow – everything was useless.

Suddenly silence cut through the doorbell. It seemed that someone
pressed the button too hard as if he wanted to wake the whole
the entrance. Решив, что это родители, Настя поспешила к the doors. Already
reaching for the lock, automatically asked:

– Who’s there?

No one answered her, but the call was repeated – just as loud
and persistent.

– But who is it? – again asked the warrior girl and again
I heard nothing.

She felt so terrible that everything inside went cold. And then there’s the new one
the bell made him shudder. Nastya clung to the door

The stairwell was brightly lit by two light bulbs. At your doorstep
Nastya saw a boy of ten. He was wearing a simple coat
boots, from the sleeves on elastic bands hung mittens. Dark hair
chubby, with big eyes. There was no face
expression. It was surprising that it was snowing outside, and the boy and his clothes
were absolutely dry, without a single snowflake …

Suddenly he looked up and looked up, as if he understood that on
look at him. And then Nastya thought: how could this boy
reach for the call? And where did he even come from in the dead of night? From
these thoughts, the girl was terrible. Suddenly, the child pursed his lips, and
his face suddenly darkened.

– Do not dare to look at me! – he said hoarse and raspy
old voice. – Do not look, it will not be worse!

Hearing this, Nastya cried out in horror, and at the door they were already scrubbing and
muttered hoarsely:

– I saw … she saw … saw …

– Lord, protect yourself from the unclean! – the girl screamed and began
trembling the door with a trembling hand.

The rattle stopped almost immediately, and then something wheezed,
hit the door – and there was silence.

Nastya still stood at the door for a long time, but did not dare to look in
peephole. Finally returning to the room, she turned on the light and sat
so until the morning. At dawn, the girl fell asleep, broken by fatigue and
experienced stress.

By noon, the parents returned, woke Nastya and asked what
happened to the front door. Dermatinized, she was all in
small, but deep and well visible scratches …

Anastasia, being a believer, went to the church the next day and
she prayed, brought from there holy water and sprinkled the inlet water
a door. More night calls Larin did not bother …

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