Fiery staircase that descended straight fromheaven

It happened more than a quarter of a century ago with a resident of Krasnodar
Vasily Alexandrovich Pleshakov. The article in which he told
о heavenной огненной лестнице журналистам была опубликована в номере
newspaper “Soviet Kuban” dated May 25, 1990.

On that November night, he woke up at two o’clock, and why – himself
could not understand. Perhaps he was woken by a passing commodity
the train from which the house was shaking. Anyway, Pleshakov lay on
couch, looking at the flashes of light flashing on the wall. It seemed
that a column of cars passes through the Kuban on the bridge. Deciding that
This military exercises, a man stood up and approached the window. None
there were no cars on the bridge, and the light came from the sky.

Heavenly Fiery Ladder

It arose between the clouds – strong and pulsating. Outbreaks
alternated at intervals of 2-4 seconds. Suddenly from the “pulsar”
a narrow yellow ray of utterly fantastic appearance escaped. Despite
to all the laws of nature, this ray was … broken! Lower end of it
buried in the ground behind the railway embankment, near which
Pleshakov’s house was located.

Zigzag was three light segments of different lengths. Still
frozen in the sky, it was clearly and clearly visible. Little light
�”Pulsar” between the clouds began to weaken, at the same time on the beam
perpendicular crossbars began to appear consistently,
resembling paired processes. First towards the ground
there was one pair, then the second, the third …

With the advent of the fourth pair of shoots first adorned at the ends
fireballs. And so, in strict sequence and with
intervals, lined up in the sky an extraordinary zigzag
ladder-garland, the lower end of which rested in the ground.

�The Pulsar went out, and now this staircase alone was glowing at night.
heaven, causing the witness at the same time amazement, fear and
Delight. At hand, Vasily Alexandrovich had a pencil, and
the man hastily sketched on paper what he had seen.
After some time, the “magic ladder” with the same clarity
I began to remove both the balls and the rods, which now disappeared into
direction upwards …

A bright “pulsar” reappeared among the clouds, and a broken glowing
the beam slowly fell into it. �”Pulsar”, continuing to blink, became
slowly fade away. Soon after the window was already darkened impenetrable

Figure of a fiery staircase recalled the night
an incident

On waking in the morning, Vasily Alexandrovich did not remember anything from
what he saw last night. On the table, a man found an unusual
a drawing that wasn’t there last night. Pleshakov stood,
holding the picture in his hands, and did not understand anything, however, and to tear off from
for some reason, his gaze could not.

Then in his head very slowly began to clarify the details.
last night Pleshakov sure that it was not sleep, but sleepwalking.
he never suffered. Everything he saw was happening in
reality, that’s just why he didn’t remember anything after
awakenings? ..

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