Fighting alien warring

Is it possible that a UFO was set up in the sky in front of earthlings
battle between themselves? At least about such unique cases.
There are references to ufological sites. And the other day about this
�”Battle” and told the popular YouTube-channel UFOmania, dedicated to
similar and other paranormal phenomena, laying out a very
interesting video that still causes controversy among
Internet users.

Video filmed by a woman living in the US state
Nevada, decided to remain incognito. According to her, she sat
in the car and was waiting for her boyfriend who went to
grocery store. Suddenly an American woman noticed bright lights in the sky
nothing like, why decided to remove them on video. She and
could not assume at that moment that shoots something at all
striking because soon the bright stars in the sky formed
line at about 45 degrees to the horizon and began to rise
up. And at this time these mysterious UFO rushed from above
flashes, like someone was shooting at flying objects. In response, judging
throughout, followed by a return fire that poured into something
like a collision of two or more missiles …

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