Filmed on the beach monster led web usersin perplexity

On the sandy beach of Julianadorp of the Netherlands, recently thrown out of
water strange monster that hit the frame
amateur operator.

… A mysterious creature lies in the sand and shows no signs.
of life. However, the operator seems to be approaching this.
monster with extreme caution (watch the video), and then
in general suddenly stops shooting, which makes the video even more

This is such a “knight’s move”, asks one of the users.
The Internet, or an alien creature contrived and instantly
swallowed a dutchman? And then it spat out completely tasteless
smartphone. Hence, probably, neither authorship, nor comment, nor
�“Banquet continuation” …

Other users saw it was in a strange creature ordinary
snag, but then they doubted it: too cautious
operator. Surely he can see better what it is, because
the video is not important, and visually a person from five meters is easy
able to distinguish the living from the dead.

YouTube video hosting users are starting to share their
considerations, they say, such riddles the sea throws people almost
not every day, for example, in September in the Philippines filmed
a ten-meter monster on the beach, whose origin is so nobody
and did not find out. Unfortunately, most of the “gifts” of the ocean remain
unrecorded and therefore unknown to anyone.

And yet, people return to the current topic of the next
commentator, anyone sees in this “snag” animal or
Cunning Dutchman just joked at all of us?

By a majority of votes (of course, there was no voting)
hosting users have recognized the shot being a dead monster,
likely formerly deep-sea animals unknown
science. The recent hurricanes have done a lot of mischief, so they suffered from
they are not only people, but also the wildlife of the ocean …

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