Find in an abandoned house that lodgedhappiness in the soul of the photographer

A Canadian named Dave, a Toronto resident, not long ago,
being a professional photographer, I decided to take pictures
abandoned house – it really could be interesting and
informative for everyone who appreciates thematic photo selections.

He chose such an abandoned residential building and in one of
usual weekdays he visited him, taking a few photos there. AT
the house turned out to be several rooms, each of which was preserved
old furniture, all sorts of things the former tenants. And all this
it was covered not only with dust, but also with an aura of mystery and even
a certain mysticism.

AT общем, фотоснимки получились весьма колоритными, об этом
can you judge for yourself since today they are presented on
page of our portal. But that’s not the point.

When Dave got into the kitchen of that abandoned house, he used to
began to shoot the most interesting. And suddenly … his attention stopped
on the yellow bag, pretty “dirty” and completely
unattractive, however, the keen gaze of a professional photographer
caught something interesting in him.

And the expectations did not deceive a man: the package turned out to be money,
American and Canadian banknotes, totaling more than 7 thousand
dollars. Moreover, in spite of its solid age, these
�“Papers”, as Dave determined later, did not lose their
running value, except for some impairment,
peculiar to any paper money.

What did the photographer do with the money? He did his best
not sparing his time and work, and ultimately found
a woman who turned out to be the granddaughter of the owners of this
abandoned house. Canadian was deeply moved by it.
act of a young man. And not even because she fell
a certain sum of money, no, she was surprised by the fact that to her
returned the money (little treasure) that her grandmother and
grandfather saved up, apparently, for a rainy day, but they could not
take advantage of these savings which by some miracle
Now they got their granddaughter.

Dey himself says this about the following:

There is nothing more beautiful in life than making such small
miracles. When I brought this old woman money when she
I understood what it is, I read in her eyes not just a surprise,
a spark of God flashed in them, heating and caressing my soul. More
I never experienced happiness before. And no my photographs,
even the most successful and recognized, can not be compared with this amazing
in its brightness instant contact with eternity …

ATот так-то: делайте добро людям, только непременно искренне, и
получайте за это самое волшебное счастье во ATселенной — милость
God and his boundless love …

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