Finnish astrologer about what awaits Russia innext year

Interest in our country is manifested not only in what, and what
are the inhabitants of this “wild and mysterious” Russia, where in
cities still bear roam, but in terms of how in the future
this “unruly power” will develop. With this even
American seers (not only Edgar Cayce) promise great rusam
future. Approximately the same thing sees Finnish astrologer Ruslan
Susi, which makes his forecast for 2018 quite convincing (by
least for us).

Stars, says the astrologer from Finland, and above all
the influence of Saturn on the position of the Sun in the horoscope for the Russian
Federations promise the best possible development
options. This is also due to the fact that the current government
Russia is close to the people, and therefore, by virtue of this position,
influence any events.

However, as soon as the influence of Saturn weakens, the country is quite
a change of power is possible when another leader comes to Putin’s place
from the element “earth”. It was he who settled all the problems of economic and
political plan, let’s say, will significantly strengthen the country’s rural
economy, improve relations with the West and so on.

However, the upcoming elections in 2018 are likely to change
the authorities in Russia will not bring, the horoscope for Russia does not promise any yet
cardinal changes. And this means only one thing: either Putin will continue
the government of the country, or a man from near
the entourage of the current leader, who will continue the same

The Finnish astrologer also noted that the next 2018 will be for
Russia’s economic success since the country will
get rid of all the crisis consequences. Full recovery of her
waiting for 2020, and then the period of the present

So – short and capacious enough. If you also consider that
according to opinion polls, Vladimir Putin remains in the country
absolute leader, Ruslan Sushi’s forecast can be believed almost on
one hundred percent. Especially since almost the same for Russia
heralds and our domestic astrologer Pavel Globa (see

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