�”Fire skeleton crawling out of the window”photographed in a burning car

In the paranormal section of the popular Reddit website
phenomena, a mysterious snapshot appeared that many users
resource puzzled, and some, judging by the reaction, even scared.

The image shows a burning car, and almost all viewers.
noticed something strange and exciting on this frame. Some
users at first even wanted to complain to the site administration
on this material, because they thought that it depicts a burning
a person trying to get out of a car window. But,
Of course, the outraged Internet community quickly realized that
no shocking content here.

Simply, the flames took such a bizarre
a shape that is very similar in shape to a person.

  • Some commentators say that they see clearly in the picture.
    fire skeleton with bare skull and chest – horror, and
  • According to others, they see a screaming woman with long
    dark hair, which apparently is trying to say something about this
    tragedy or sign from above.
  • Still others suggest that the spirit of the car was outlined in the flame,
    which, like everything else in this world, is alive, true, now here is a dying
    and that’s kind of saying goodbye to our physical
    by reality.

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