Fish with “human” teeth surprisedThai

Residents of a small fishing village in Thailand were
puzzled when they saw the sea dweller whose teeth were
indistinguishable from human. The author of such an unusual catch was
local schoolteacher. The man was very surprised by his find and
Hurried to show her countrymen.

Many villagers considered the presence of fish like teeth
This miracle and expressed regret that the animal is already dead. They
advised the teacher not to prepare dishes from this mysterious fish,
and hide it in the freezer – suddenly a discovery
some serious people will be interested in the near future
let’s say scientists or even shamans.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web believe that nothing miraculous
there is no. Perhaps the fish is a mutant, or it is a kind of
previously not known science form. After all, if nature
rewarded with teeth of this type of person, why she could not
to give them to creatures of another kind? Otherwise, you can
easy to slip into religious tenets and superstitions.

On the other hand, Internet users consider several
a different mindset, an unusual catch of a Thai teacher extra
just proves how little we know about the inhabitants of the seas. After all, even
the scientists themselves agree that such knowledge does not exceed, in
at best, 10 percent of what actually stores
World Ocean. Probably, therefore, each new discovery, as the same
fish with human teeth makes us wonder and
genuine interest …

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