Fixed a giant UFO flying aroundOf the earth

Famous Russian ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist
Valentine Degterev made another curious discovery.
A domestic researcher said that on December 4 he managed
get a video with a giant UFO flying around our
the planets. The specialist was browsing online one of the cameras,
installed on the International Space Station, and unexpectedly
noticed a startling pale sphere moving in orbit
Of the earth.

Degterev explains that quite recently new ones appeared on the ISS.
webcams that shoot video at a much higher quality. Ufologist
immediately thought that now to fix unidentified flying
objects falling into the lenses of these recorders will
much easier, and not lost. Many days nothing worthy
attention did not appear in the frame, but then the ufologist waited
interesting discovery. When the orbital station was over the South
America and was illuminated by the Sun (this is indicated by large glare on
surface of the ISS), on the far earth orbit seemed spherical
an object.

The author of the finding suggests that the “flying saucer” is made of
metal, because, like the ISS, it reflects the sun’s rays well.
In this case, the size of the proposed alien ship should be
much more international orbital station. This UFO is huge
dimensions could not be a meteorological probe, space debris,
artificial satellite or the moon, as many have said at once
skeptics. An unidentified object was moving along an orbital
parabola, while the moon at this time was supposed to be quite in
another place. Therefore, Degterev first concluded that this object
artificial nature.

However, then our compatriot remembered another entertaining
the theory. Согласно ей, у Of the earth не так давно появился второй
natural satellite that could fly here from space or
even be brought by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Maybe
this is the famous Nibiru, which, according to alternative
researchers, is about to collide with our planet and destroy

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