Flat Earth supporters held a conferencediscussing on it the “true” form of our planet

According to the publication The Telegraph, in the city of Birmingham Misty
Albion was held not quite the usual “scientific” conference under
The name of the Flat Earth Convention, which gathered supporters
flat earth theory.

Within three working days, almost 200 people gathered
the person discussing the most burning question for them – which
the form actually has our planet. Note unity
among them in this regard was not, the conference participants
united only one thing – the Earth is by no means spherical
(ellipsoid), as represented by academic science.

Some of the participants represented our planet in the form of a disk,
surrounded by a wall of ice. Others talked about the heavenly hemisphere,
which covers the “bowl of the Earth”, and others thought that
humanity lives on intertwined rings, and so on.

The most interesting, to some extent even funny, can
call the glance of one of the participants of the Flat Earth Convention, which
presented the shape of the Earth in the form of a rhombus, on the edges of which acts
Pacman’s space distortion effect, thanks to which the same ships
or airplanes instantly teleport to the opposite edge
the planets.

There were other bold statements, for example, that no
gravity does not exist at all, which fundamentally destroys the theory
The Big Bang, as fundamental in the formation of stars and planets,
rotating near them.

The main thing is that the Earth is not spherical …

Despite “some disagreements” in the assessment, how is it all the same
Looks like our planet, gathered every speech accompanied
cheers and applause. And in the end when on
demo screen video appeared NASA, the participants
conferences just went laughing, whistling and hooting. But
only everyone welcomed the special products,
released to this significant event in the lives of supporters
Flat Earth: T-shirts with a bright inscription “Flat Power” (Flat Power),
flat disk cards and special spirit levels to check
of this.

As conference organizer Gary proudly told reporters
John (Gary John), the main thing is not even that like-minded Flat
Earth could get together today and discuss the pressing issues of this
unique movement against the domination of the lies of scientists and
authorities. We are seeing a real explosion of interest in the theory of flat
Earths around the world, like people’s distrust of governments and their
to the servants of the number of Orthodox scholars. And it is very happy …

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