Florida Waiting for Hurricane IRMA: Directbroadcast

We offer you a live broadcast from the web-camera Mallory Square Key
West of Florida, where the terrible hurricane “Irma” is heading. AT
Currently, thousands of families leave this state, as well as the neighboring –
Georgia The National Guard, mobilized for this, does
all that is possible, but the capabilities of the guards are limited, therefore
most of the inhabitants of these states of America remain in place – they
there is nowhere to run, and there is neither money for this, nor time already …

Hurricane IRMA is getting closer, but if you call today in Florida
By phone, the US Rescue Service – 911, no one will answer you. Of
Miami airport today is no longer fly away and for 20 thousand dollars,
but fly here for extreme sports – tickets even more than enough. Track
Highway along the Pacific Coast – at the limit of its throughput
abilities as it drives four times as many cars as
than usual. And get fuel for cars in Florida today –
the whole problem, at the gas station police are on duty to prevent

Almost the same hype in food stores,
as those who stay try to stock up on food and drink
water at the time of the hurricane. With this, Florida Governor Rick Scott
openly told state residents through the press: better leave, we
then we will restore your house, but we will not be able to return life …

Meanwhile, in neighboring Mexico, no less tragedy is due to
an earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale, the largest
damage was inflicted on the south of the country, as well as parts of Guatemala. And to all these
misfortune adds another threat – over the Atlantic
formed and has already gained strength of the fourth degree on the Saffir scale
– Simpson’s new hurricane “José”, which also moves toward
USA. ATполне возможно, что камера Mallory Square Key West выдержит
head and that and another hurricane, showing us their
destructive power.

ATсем, кто наблюдает за этой разыгравшийся стихией: давайте
Let us pray for the people of Florida. God bless them!

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