Flutist attracts wild raccoons strangeserenade

An unusual video from the Internet is gaining in popularity.
last week in the countryside in the north of the us state
New York. Movie shows how local Eddie Lawrence
attracts a group of raccoons consisting of at least 20
animals. The most amazing thing that a man uses for this
flute playing a serenade-like melody. Users
The networks have called the musician a “gamel collar for raccoons”.

It is known that the wild animals depicted in these frames live in
Brasher State Forest, and Lawrence uses for their bark
melody of native american indians. Obviously, it is music
attracts to it fluffy flattering inhabitants. Many regulars
The World Wide Web suggests that Eddie has taught animals to go on
the sound, scattering around him delicious food. Even if it is, then
the pastime of a man is admirable.

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