Flying dragon still exists

Flying on such a dragon could Thumbelina. But
This circumstance is by no means a reason to immediately
give up on an amazing creature adorning nature
South-East Asia.

Flying dragons (Draco) are tree lizards belonging to
subfamily afro arabian agas. Currently in the earthly world
There are about 30 species of these reptiles.

The main and key difference from all other relatives
Relatives are precisely the “wings” of dragons, or rather skin
creases located on the sides and supported by false ribs.
Straightening these membranes, Draco makes planning flights between
trees, thus overcoming the distance of more than 20 meters. Have
males, in addition to this, there is another fold in the throat, which,
moving forward, serves as a dragon stabilizer. As steering wheel
a thin long tail (up to 12 cm) protrudes. Total length of adult
individuals dacchika reaches 21 cm.

The whole life of a flying dragon passes in tree crowns, to the ground
Of their own free will they never go down. In places where forests
are absent, cultural trees give shelter to these little lizards,
particular hevea.

Flying dragons are absolutely harmless creatures, with
In this they are unusually beautifully painted: the color scheme, without any
exaggeration, contains all the colors of the rainbow, with the overall coloring
remains camouflage (!), making whelps these invisible
in dense tropical foliage.

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