Flying over Moscow “dragon” got onvideo

Представленная ниже videoзапись, успевшая наделать в Интернете
a lot of noise was received on October 16 of this year by a resident
of the Russian capital Artem Reznik. Moskvich shot on iPhone night
The moon and suddenly noticed in the frame one mysterious and intriguing
detail, which he did not expect to see.

Having posted the video to the World Wide Web, the man wrote that
captured an unidentified flying object. The fact is that in the background
the lunar disk slipped a large dark shadow. And despite
that “UFO” is a sufficiently correct term for such a situation, many
netizens treated it with suspicion.

Such commentators report that under unidentified flying
the objects behind the scenes are to imply supposed air
vessels of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Here it is supposedly
completely different. Many individuals have taken a closer look at Artem’s record.
more attentively and saw on it … a mysterious dragon.

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