�”Flying plate” near the moon captured onvideo

Specialists from the world’s largest ufological organization
«MUFON» прислали загадочную videoзапись, на которой запечатлен
large, dark disc-shaped object flying against the background
natural satellite of the Earth.

The author of the video was a resident of the American city
Dearborn Heights, Michigan. According to the man, he shot the camera
the full moon, when suddenly noticed a black UFO, sweeping near
Selena in the direction to the south. An eyewitness is convinced that on the closest to
us heavenly body is a base of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization, from where this mysterious space ship took off
(see photo – Moon as a huge artificial base of aliens
or device created by a previous highly developed terrestrial

Recording quickly spread through the English segment of the World
spider webs, collecting thousands of comments. Some web users
agreed with the author that we are talking about aliens. Other
considered that the fault was an artificial orbital satellite,
a weather probe or even a bird that flew over the background of a night star.
There were also such commentators who decided that the moon was on
представленном video ненастоящая, и перед нами искусная
installation Professional ufologists who scrupulously studied this
material, do not rush to make any one hundred percent conclusions,
However, it is believed that this can hardly be a hoax,
more that the UFO near the Moon and on Selena itself is permanently filmed. So
that there is nothing supernatural about this record.

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