�”Flying saucer” captured in the sky aboveArizona

Ufologists, leading dedicated to the mysteries of the world YouTube channel “Mind
Melting Mysteries “, got amazing footage from anonymous
source. Unknown American sent to mail specialists
video, which, according to him, shows the real
�”Flying saucer”.

Arizona resident thinks he witnessed last week
appearance in the sky over the city of an aircraft of representatives
extraterrestrial civilization. The disc-shaped UFO slowly flew high in
clouds and looked like a huge gloomy silhouette. It could be
the author of the video footage thinks that this is a scene from
sci-fi movie.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web suggest that we have
airship, a bizarre cloud or even the result of a skilled
video editing. However, the video (see below) allows everyone
of us to draw an independent conclusion: what really
I managed to shoot an American and why it shocked him so …

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