�”Flying saucer” captured over MoscowThe Kremlin

Над московским The Kremlin несколько дней назад заметили
the alleged “flying saucer”. Witnesses did not just see
unidentified flying object with his own eyes, but also captured him
on video.

By turning on the entry below, you can see for yourself.
mysterious luminous UFO. What could it be? Maybe the residence
President of the Russian Federation is visited by representatives of a certain extraterrestrial civilization?
Or is it the military developed a futuristic aircraft for
guard the fortress in the center of Moscow? Here’s how to comment on this
material authoritative domestic ufologists:

These videos once again prove that humanity is not
is the only intelligent race in the universe. Aliens
obviously, they have been visiting our planet for a long time on their high-tech
space ships. This means that their civilization is much more
developed than ours, and has mastered, perhaps, not only interstellar
flights, but also many other incredible technologies. The fact that
НЛО нередко возникают над правительственными объектами (над The Kremlin
in Russia, the US Capitol and so on), speaks eloquently about
that aliens want to enter or have already come into contact with
the powers that be. It is possible that now on the queue just

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