�”Flying saucer” raced over Bavaria,startling the Germans

Amazing footage depicting flying over the road
disc-shaped UFO, were received a week ago in German

Unfortunately, the author of the video provided quite a bit to ufologists.
information about the mysterious unidentified flying object that appeared
in the midst of the perfect day over the road number 93 not far from
Siegenburg community. An eyewitness to this event living in Munich
may have considered that Internet users will be where
more interesting to see the video itself, which captured a UFO than
read about the circumstances of his observation and about the operator.

A black aircraft surrounded by an incomprehensible dark haze is not
It looks like no aircraft, created by human hands.
However, we can talk about some kind of secret development.
European or American military – UFO researchers never
exclude this possibility. Munich himself is convinced that he
managed to shoot a spacecraft on the camera of your smartphone
aliens At first, he considered it to be a large bird or
the quadcopter, however, after looking more closely, realized that
deals with something that goes beyond the ordinary, and therefore
Hurried to get a smartphone and remove what he saw.

During the shooting of the “flying saucer” the German suddenly felt
some strange alarm as if the instincts of the man demanded from
him quickly get out of there. No wonder they say that the omnipotent
the aliens only allow us to observe them, much less to shoot
their aircraft, if desired, they are easily disconnected and
camera, and the operators themselves, for example, by entering a person in
hypnotic trance. Anxiety, fear – it is already a signal that you
«на крючке» у aliens Perhaps a resident of Munich did quite
It is reasonable, like all Germans, to stop filming and leave the meeting place with

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