Food from the air is quite real!

With the growth of the world’s population amid depletion of natural
resources, the topic of artificial food is becoming increasingly popular. we
already wrote about the synthesized meat, which is already in the near future,
apparently, will appear in supermarkets of the world, and, developers
assure us that we do not even notice the difference between
artificial and natural meat delicacies, whereas
created in factories will be less harmful to health.

But it turns out, the food of the future can be not only
artificial-meat, but even artificial-air. Vereya will
say created from the air. For this, as scientists say
Solar Foods (Finland), it’s enough to have air, water, yes
source of renewable energy. And at the exit you can get food in
as a nutritional powder – a mixture that is in its food
qualities will not yield to soy or algae.

This is the production of food from the air and water Solar Foods
launches in the near future, as received for implementation
such a project more than a million dollars of public investment.
To begin with, an experimental one will be built near Helsinki.
a factory that will manufacture this by 2021
amazing nutritional powder developed by experts
the company.

The whole essence of the process, to put it somewhat simplified,
is based on the electrolysis of water
to produce hydrogen, which is necessary for the food of beneficial microbes. But
after heat treatment, they will make up the nutrient mixture,
which is conventionally called food from the air.

This “airy food” in appearance and taste will resemble something
powdered milk. Certainly, such food will not supersede in any way.
traditional, but it is asserted by the developers, it can become
excellent protein supplement to the diet, especially as a temporary
food in extreme situations.

Solar Foods is counting on a massive release of “food from
air “by 2021, since it is by this time hopes
complete licensing of a new food product in EFA (European
product safety commissions).

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