Football its popularity simply can notattract ghosts

Today, the main theme of the day for many, many is the World Championship
football in Russia. Well, it is interesting from the point of view
paranormal phenomena.

Let’s reason up logically: if ghosts are like
claim magicians and psychics, the souls of dead people, for some
reason for lingering in this world (undead souls
in a Christian way), in this case it is easy to believe that ghosts
just can not ignore the most popular sport in the world –

They cannot, if only because among such “stuck” souls should
sure to be avid football fans, and even themselves
football players, popular in the past. All this is confirmed by people
greeted at the stadiums phantoms. And if such witnesses
paranormalschku few people believed before, then modern video cameras,
trying to cover every football game as completely as possible,
bigger, showing ghosts already on the record. And it is undeniable
proof that ghosts also visit stadiums, where
such heated battles for the championship are played out, and, as shows
chronicle entries, not only attend, but sometimes interfere with the game.
However, judge for yourself on at least several videos:

Wraith runs along the sideline

The video below shows the moment of the match “Racing” – “River Plate”. On
66th minute, the home team are leisurely preparing to break through the penalty.
However, the cameraman cameraman suddenly snatches a strange,
presumably a naked man who rushes with a huge
speed along the sideline in one direction, and then – runs
back. And this ghost appears as if from “nowhere”,
also mysteriously dissolving in the air after its rapid

This viewer was noticed by many TV viewers, and since direct
The broadcast from this football match in Russia took place deep in the night,
then the Russians after this match still could not fall asleep – so
they were struck by a ghost who attended a football match.

The ghost of Hugo Chavez did not give Falcao a goal against the team

В 2013 году президент Venezuela Николас Мадуро публично заявил,
that the spirit of Hugo Chávez (dead by then a prominent political
the leader of this country) helps him in his difficult work of the head
states, coming in a dream and prompting what to do. Thats
есть Чавес, по его словам, продолжает трудиться на благо Venezuela.
Few people believed this statement, let alone that
most people in the world thought Maduro was crazy. But not here
It was.

On отборочном матче к ЧМ-2014 «Венесуэла — Колумбия» ближе к
the end of this hot meeting in which the Venezuelans fought with
1: 0, Radamel Falcao could quite equal the score, because
successfully and accurately punched into the corner under the crossbar – fend off such
удар вратарь Venezuela был просто не в силах. However the ball
Colombian striker for some reason suddenly changes the trajectory and
hits the crossbar.

Naturally, the TV people immediately began dismantling the blow,
scrolling through the video in normal and slow rhythm. This replay
brought everyone into real shock, it is said that some fans
they even received heart beats and went to the ambulance to the hospital.
The fact is that the video captures the moment, like a blow to Falcao
reflects the ghost of Hugo Chávez. So do not believe in ghosts and
the mystical words of President Maduro …

Ghost Scared Bolivians

Another impressive video is from the championship match of Bolivia,
which took place on April 17, 2014. note that
the operator accidentally caught a ghost that with tremendous speed
flashed through the stands, not paying attention to the fans or
on the flight attendants. Moreover, these people themselves, apparently, do not see him and
experience no inconvenience, while the ghost for
half a minute rushing almost through them.

The local press, we note, very peculiarly reacted to
This mystical video: she called on Bolivian fans
championship be careful. What is it like?..

We only talked about some haunted videos.
who visited football matches, by the way, photographs of a similar subject
– much more. Onпример, заглавное фото нашей статьи демонстрирует
ghost boy, who was shot at the match “Porto” – “PSG”.
The phantom of the child is violently rejoicing with other fans after
like Hames Rodriguez, the star of Real Madrid, opens the scoring.
The photo was taken by an Associated Press reporter who
No little Negro filming on the podium

But I wonder why ghosts do not appear on the current
Russian World Cup? Maybe they just try.
do not fall into the lens of video cameras, and in fact they are in the stands
– full of? Just assume that the spirit of Yeltsin or
Gaidar will discourage the fatal ball, fired into the gate of the Russian national team, to
Unfortunately, it does not work …

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