For Britain, the fall of the white horse is notbodes no good

What does the evil sign, namely the fall of the white horse,
pulling a stylized royal crew during the traditional
New Year’s colorful parade on January 1 of this year?

The significance of signs and omens from above can be argued
anything but they really exist and in spite of all skepticism
materialists work. For example, who does not know that
Alexander Pushkin, who was going to go to Petersburg during
Decembrist uprisings, stopped by a bad omen
road hare Because of this, he was not mixed up in an attempt
make a coup d’etat.

You can also recall other bad omens and omens,
let’s say the fall of the US state flags in an election campaign
2016, after which the United States is increasingly slipping into
the abyss No less fatal was the fall of the soldier from among
guard of honor during the inauguration of the current president
Of Ukraine, not to mention the dried trees planted in Kiev in
honor of the Maidan, which can be interpreted unequivocally – this is not good or good
for the country itself, much less for Poroshenko. And such signs can
bring hundreds that are given to this world by higher powers. For what,
we do not understand …

And on January 1, thousands of Londoners witnessed, as one of
horses “royal crew” literally collapsed dead on
Waterloo Square. Moreover, it is foolish to believe that in this case
picked up some half-dead, the first animal, it was
the rooted horses of the royal stable. So what’s the deal then? ..

One must think that such an unfavorable sign does not bode well.
Britain’s good royal family, which expects, for example,
the death this year of the 96-year-old Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
(there is such a prediction of clairvoyants), not to mention the elderly
the queen herself (91 years old, although the conspiracy theorists claim that her already
no live since the end of 2016). However, if you pay attention to
where exactly this white horse fell can be all connected with
Foggy Albion as a whole. The fact is that England won
Napoleon under Waterloo, after which became a great power, and
The Rothschild banking clan “ascended to heaven” by speculating on
unreliable facts about the results of this battle.

The current sign can mean both the death of the royal family, and
the loss of the power of Britain, the collapse of the Rothschild empire and
English economy in general. United Kingdom can wait and
other sad events for her, say interpreters of this
omens. And unequivocally, they will begin in this 2018
year …

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