For his paintings, Picasso often tookused canvases

Another similar picture, namely La Misereuse accroupie
(“The woman squatting”, 1902) was discovered by researchers
Pablo Picasso of Northwestern University of Chicago.

The original itself is in Toronto in the possession of the Art Gallery of
Ontario and is a canvas depicting sitting by the wall
a woman covered with a rug (see photo). Checking the picture when
using the radiography method, scientists have discovered under the main
the image is another layer – clearly landscape and obviously painted not
Picasso. Who is the author of this unknown picture, find out not

Pablo took advantage of the finished picture, only turning it on
90 degrees, moreover, some elements painted on canvas
landscape Picasso used in his work, combining, for example
back of a woman with a mountain range.

X-ray allowed researchers to do another
discovery: it turns out the artist first depicted a woman with
open hand in which there was a disk, and then for some reason
�”Hid” this hand under the cover (more on this in the video).

But the main mystery still remains the fact that
Picasso often resorted to this practice – writing pictures on the
used canvases, for example, so made his famous
�”Blue Room” (in the background a portrait of an unknown man),
the pictures “Gladilshchitsa”, “Life” and some others. Unclear,
why the famous spanish french surrealist used to
of his work, other people’s paintings may suggest
researchers, it allowed him to avoid the routine work of
the selection of the canvas he needs – in format and even primer? ..

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