For the Chinese lunar module watchedaliens

The automatic interplanetary station “Chang’e-3”, sent
the Chinese in December 2013 to the moon, chained then, judging by
around, alien attention. Space Agency PRC lays out
following the example of NASA snapshots from their missions to the World Wide Web, and
Now ufologists unexpectedly reviewed on one of these frames
a huge alien ship with greenish lights. Confuse this
UFO with something else is simply impossible.

The picture quickly spread on the Internet, riveted attention
millions of users. Even if the representatives of the Chinese
national space administration and wanted first to remove
of their official website this is the image they published
by carelessness and which suddenly revealed to the public the truth
about UFOs, now it’s too late now. Similar flying
the device, by the way, was repeatedly found in pictures with
of the American lunar missions “Apollo”, but NASA staff are still
not afraid of public resonance and removed most of these
photos immediately, as soon as they talked about on the Internet.

Many well-known ufologists claim that our earthly civilization
constantly under the supervision of aliens. And when we
запускаем в космос летательные аппараты, aliens пристально
watching us. According to one hypothesis, according to certain
reasons they don’t want people to leave their home planet,
because it is dangerous for us or uncomfortable for them. Another theory
гласит, что aliens, напротив, ожидают этого вот уже многие
millennia. Perhaps humanity is just an experiment.
alien higher intelligence, and “green men” can not
wait for the moment when Homo Sapiens, who used to go to
skins and battling with clubs will fly to colonize others
the planets.

However, there is another version – conspiracy therapists who
claim that all space missions, including lunar missions of earthlings –
the purest hoax that suit
globalist illuminati. Today, many independent researchers
sure that the Americans have never flown anywhere, and even more so –
to the moon. And all their moon shots, including those with “flying
dishes and aliens in the background are sophisticated notions for
more convincing. Maybe the Chinese have taken the path of the Americans?
What-what, and they know how to copy the Western world, moreover
all, surpassing Europeans and Americans in all respects …

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