For the Tyumen model, the inaccessibility of oil is notinterference

In Russia, as you know, huge reserves of oil. However they all
subdivided into “light black gold,” whose deposits are close to
exhaustion, and “heavy” or hard-to-reach oil.

By the way, the huge deposits of “heavy” oil were discovered even in
Soviet times are the richest West Siberian deposits,
However, they have not yet been mastered, since they require different approaches to
prey. The former ones, based on the injection of hot steam into the well,
just do not give the desired effect. It is clear that all this is Russian
wealth at one time was postponed for “tomorrow”, with an eye to
future oil production technologies.

And today, it seems, the deadline has already come for
of oil. And there was not only a real need for it, but also
the necessary technology for its extraction, which was invented by scientists of Tyumen
State University. Its essence is to use
To put it simply, steam and gravity drainage. Proposed
The production model has already been tested at the real “heavy”
black gold “and the high efficiency of the new method is nice
surprised the Russian oil industry.

By the way, we already wrote about the circulation of matter in space,
so that everything is restored in the universe, including
stocks of oil, gas and so on. For example, the first well in the Old
the city of Grozny was drilled in the XIX century, by the middle
last century, it was completely exhausted – pumped out, as they say,
all the drops. But time passed, and today this well is rich again
�”Black gold”. And such examples, and not only on stocks
oil or gas, a lot. There is no miracle, say independent
from our academic science researchers (scientists from God) just
purely materialistic approach to understanding what constitutes
our universe is wrong.

It turns out, while with the help of the Tyumen model, oilmen of Russia
will produce “heavy” oil, you see, replenished (restored)
stocks “easy.” And so talk about depleting stocks
hydrocarbons on our planet can only hardened
materialists. Another thing is that it is not the cleanest and cheapest.
energy that humanity can use. But up to the best
energy, apparently, we have not yet matured either scientifically or

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