For two soul mates, a tall fence is notblock

This was proven by American journalist Chad Nelson, who shot
pretty funny video, surprisingly immediately turned viral,
since several million people watched it in a few days
Twitter users.

In this case, the plot of the video is extremely simple: small
two year old boy playing with a huge neighborly dog ​​ball.
The only catch is that players are divided by high
a fence. However, this does not prevent the baby and a rather large dog easily.
Overcoming this obstacle, deftly throwing the ball through the fence. Difficult
say what happens in the dog’s soul while doing this, but boy
literally comes in with delight, thereby amusing his mother,
whose cheerful voice is heard behind the scenes.

The fence, as you see, tweeted nilsson, cannot serve
a barrier for two friends, especially if they want to frolic.
By the way, such communication with the four-legged friend for the child has become
a real discovery …

The video was shot in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
A neighbor dog who seemed so much fun seemed to like
no less than a boy, the name is Dozer, but the baby is just a Baby …

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