For ufologists on the field followed by a mysteriousfigure

In the English village of Avbury, near which is located
the famous Stonehenge, recently formed a circle on the field, and ufologists,
set off to investigate the supposed drawing of aliens on
crops, were not there alone. For specialists, as it turned out
впоследствии, все время следовала высокая серая figure. Mysterious
a stranger kept some distance from our heroes, as if
did not want to be noticed.

French expert Pierre Bick flew in from his homeland
to England to study the circle which has appeared recently on cereals. Ufologist
reports that their colleague with a quadrocopter was nearby,
which, testing the drone, raised it above the ground and made
several random field shots. Browsing after held
the expeditions received by the drone images, the experts realized that
all this time they were under close scrutiny.
However, who showed such curiosity about the work of researchers?

Naturally, the version that it was
an alien, and one of those who drew a circle on the field.
Pierre Beek, speaking of this incident, jokingly says that
it could be a ghost. In these places there are many
the tombs of the druids, therefore, they say, there would be nothing surprising in
if the spirit of one of the Celtic priests materialized here,
who was bored in the next world or wondering what is there,
on the field, looking for modern scientists.

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