Forbidden archeology, contradictorycommon theory of the origin of mankind

Amazing discoveries that contradict the generally accepted theory
the emergence of mankind, so much that it would seem
it is high time for academic science to undertake the revision of the well-established
dogmas imposed in their time by the Darwinists. But no, no, nothing
does not want to change, because it’s easier and someone, of course,
more profitable. Who – not hard to guess.

For example, we can mention that in the forties
last century in Denmark and France inside volcanic rocks,
whose age was determined to be at least 2 million years old
bones of Homo sapiens skeletons were found. To the surprise of scientists, they
proved to be identical to the skeleton of modern man. How to understand
that no one knew then or now.

Go ahead. Archaeologist Fili in 1979 in a similar volcanic
lava (it was in Tanzania, and the age of lava was calculated in this
case of 4 million years) discovered many footprints
human, and they were indistinguishable from similar footprints
modern man (this is proved by photogrammetric

More recently, on the island of Crete, archaeologists found a footprint
man who is almost 6 million years old. If at the same time remember
that geologist John Reid in 1922 in Nevada found an imprint quite
modern sandals, which are 200 million years old, it is worth
to think, and did not a man live on Earth always? Or at least
least, his story is not counted for some pitiful millennia,
and perhaps billions of years.

Artifacts contrary to the conventional theory of occurrence
of humanity

This is confirmed by numerous artifacts, certain
orthodox science as uncomfortable. It is clear why: they are again
contradict the “invented story” of the origin and development
of humanity.

Among such inconvenient artifacts stands out, for example, stone
Lanzhou or Lanzhou stone discovered by a Chinese archaeologist
Zhilinom Wang in the late nineties of the last century. it
a surprisingly hard black mineral, which in itself is
a riddle for scientists. But the pebble was not simple, it was preserved
threaded metal rod – an artifact, it is not clear how
turned out to be in this breed, whose age is defined in 300
million years (it was certified by numerous studies
geologists, physicists and other specialists of various scientific
institutions of the Academy of Sciences of China).

And then … nothing. Where is Lanzhou Stone today,
unknown Why the further results of his study nowhere
made public, also incomprehensible. But this is only in terms of common sense.
meaning, and so … everything is clear, and the fate of such artifacts
always the same: they disappear without a trace either in the vaults
museums, whether in private collections of the rich and all-powerful people of ours
the planets.

On this occasion, it is enough to recall that in the USA in the 19th century,
the time of the californian gold rush has been dug down by tunnels
many mountains and rocks, resulting in randomly discovered skeletons
people who are between 10 and 60 million years old. All this is described by the main
archaeologist under the then united states government doctor
Whitney, his messages in 1880 are collected in the book “Geology of Sierra
Nevada, published by Harvard University.
However, in no museum in the USA will you find those ancient human remains,
Moreover, they are not even mentioned in any modern

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