Forecast for 2018 from astrologer IrinaDenikin

Astrologer Irina Denikin is also called a specialist in
Chinese esoteric because it relies in its research
it is on the oldest not all available knowledge of the Middle Kingdom.
Journalists were asked to tell a talented astrologer and
esoterics, what awaits Russia and the world as a whole (at least in general terms) in
political plan in the beginning of 2018.

The astrologer basically stopped at the most painful points of the world:
on the situation around Syria, on Russia’s relations with
The United States and the European Union, as well as domestic life
the Russian Federation itself.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the woman, the upcoming
Year of the Earth Dog is a period of the elements of the earth, that is, it will be
relatively conservative and stable. This is a time of accumulation, and
no waste, the time of gathering the stones that we scattered. therefore
Russia this year will be able to work out its unique
financial and economic style, people finally adapt to
the conditions in which it exists now, plus it will begin
certain relaxation in the legal field, which will lead to an improvement
life of Russians in general.

Of course, the main event of this year for the Russians (as, incidentally,
and the world as a whole) will be the choice of the President of Russia. Astrologer not
sees no obstacles for Vladimir Putin to once again become the head
States, his horoscope in this regard is favorable. The main thing now
– the will of the Russian leader to continue to carry this heavy

As for the relations between Russia and the United States, these superpowers
are in the same astrological house, which may favorably
affect both of them. In the United States must occur
major changes in the financial sector, so talk about
The economic collapse of this country is still early.

The European Union will finally understand that Russia and the United States are equally important for
him, and therefore will build its policy from this point
view. The astrologer does not see the collapse of the EU this year, although
Serious upheavals await Western Europe, and, as in
politically and economically.

Finally, for long-suffering Syria, the war will end only
formally, the country will have a long recovery period,
licking wounds on the background of active fighting local
character And 2018 will be only the first year on this debt.
of the way.

Unfortunately, the astrologer did not say a word about Ukraine and
its relations with Russia in the current period. Probably,
global changes in the life of this country she just did not see …

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