Foreign journalists suspected that Lenin�”Came to life” in the Mausoleum

Foreign media unexpectedly attracted
the news that last Friday, October 19, in Lenin’s Mausoleum
on the Red Square emergency ambulance team left.

The picture below, in which two doctors come in with
equipment in the tomb of the legendary communist leader,
quickly became viral and immediately spread around the World
the web.

At first, the usual, seemingly simple photographs were discussed.
Network users, and on foreign sites it turned out to be
more popular than domestic. Many English-speaking regulars
of virtual space seriously considered that medical care
it took not anyhow anyone, but Vladimir Ilyich himself, who revived in
the walls of the Mausoleum. Then this strange assumption was picked up and

Even the official statement of Moscow physicians that
In fact, doctors arrived to help one of the members
excursion group, which suddenly became ill in the Mausoleum, not
dissuaded foreign media that the leader of the October Revolution
could suddenly return to the world of the living.

No wonder they say that Lenin desperately needs to
his body was buried in the ground, and the restless spirit of the Kremlin
the dreamer, figuratively speaking, tears and tosses in his tomb. Besides
In addition, it is believed that Vladimir Ilyich could well come to life if Russia
will begin to shake great misfortunes.

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