Former Brazilian president told about the meetingwith UFO

Former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who ruled
the country in 1995-2003 and became the first head of this state,
re-elected for a second term, made an unexpected statement on
national television.

86-year-old politician, participating in the recent release of the talk show “Conversation
with Bial “, told the presenter Pedro Bial that he personally witnessed
the emergence on our planet of an unidentified flying object, and
that along with him the UFO was seen by two other people.

For most of the one-hour interview, the facilitator asked the ex-head.
States on the current situation in Brazil, on various
economic and political scandals in South America. However under
the end of the transfer Pedro Bial asked his guest to tell about
как тот повстречался в 1979 году with UFO в городе Форталезе. Cardoso
He was there with his wife Ruth and Ambassador Celso Furtado.

Интервьюер показал видеоролик из 1982 года, на котором Cardoso
talks about how their trinity noticed the “flying saucer” during
travel time to Fortaleza by taxi. The future president spoke
then that unidentified disc-shaped object hovered over the sea
and shone not too bright lights. At some point
the mysterious aircraft, they say, soared up sharply, then
made a rapid turn aside and out of sight.

Now, 39 years after such an unusual incident,
Фернанду Энрики Cardoso без колебаний подтвердил его, сообщив, что
then returned with his wife and the ambassador from a scientific conference.
The politician told the TV host that the mysterious UFO was moving very
unusual, completely silent, and it could not be confused with
by plane, helicopter or balloon. Unfortunately, the other two
eyewitnesses to this phenomenon is no longer alive, and they can not tell
any new details or even confirm the words of fernando.

I, Ruth and Celso saw the flying disc of aliens – from the whole
seriousness stated last week pedro bialu former
the president.

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