Former Canadian Secretary of Defense made newalien application

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellier did
another startling statement giving interviews to reporters
Russian information channel «RT». 94 year old man reported
Our compatriots that representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations since ancient times visit the Earth. Moreover, aliens, by
According to the ex-official, international
crises and all the forces supported the cold war.

Paul says that at least four varieties of intelligent
extraterrestrial humanoids constantly fly to our “blue ball”, and
their representatives are constantly present on Earth. Higher authorities
earthly states have direct contact with the “green men” and
fulfill all their requirements. Conspiracy of the powers that be.
Alien leaves, according to Canadians, back centuries
Hellier, despite his high position, failed
find out what exactly aliens need from our race.

The man led the national defense of Canada in the 1960s, in
the very height of the cold war. In 1995, he first shocked the whole
the world by telling people the truth about aliens and their connections with higher
politicians. Since then, Hellier has become a highly respected figure.
among experts in the field of ufology, conspirology and exopolitics. AT
in his recent interview with RT, he said that in 1961 the USSR�
About 50 alien ships visited, and in the south of Russia even
there was a base where flying saucers could easily
stop. Paul’s three-year investigation allowed him
find out that intelligent beings from various
star systems however the overall picture is our hero for want of
Access to top-secret information could not be seen.

Canadian ex-defense secretary says:

Some aliens are friendly towards us, others –
hostile, and still others – neutral. Some of them fly to
Earth from the constellation Grid, some from the Andromeda nebula,
some are from one of Saturn’s moons (however, this may be
transshipment base). Aliens have their own federations and
laws. AT земные дела они вмешиваются так же, как мы вмешиваемся в
insects, that is, they can do anything with us, but in
their task is not to destroy us. ATпрочем, те гуманоиды, которые
configured us more friendly, not just trying to warn
human civilization that it is on a dangerous path
self-destruct, really without forcing anyone to do anything. As you see
it hasn’t worked yet. And more for us aliens do, rather
all, can not, because they are guided by some higher
законами ATселенной, возможно, законом свободной воли…

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